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frequently asked questions

Q: What makes Sigma Sourcing different than other procurement software providers?

A: Sigma Sourcing is dedicated to providing software as a service, much in the same way our clients provide procurement services to their clients. Service to us means the software changes and grows as our clients do. We work closely with your team, through onsite training and a highly interactive support process. Working with us provides you with an immediate blend of procurement and technology expertise that can be applied to your next project.

Q: Is customized software expensive?

A: This type of software does come at a slightly higher price than prepackaged systems that don't offer support. However, our cost is far below hiring full time staff to develop your own system and comes with significantly less risk or time to implement. Think of it as getting the best of both worlds.

Q: How do I know when it is time for new software?

A: The only person that truly knows when it is time for new software is you, but typical times include: business is just getting started, your current provider has stopped providing service or the service is unreliable, or new projects are outside your existing system's capabilities.

Q: Will the system work as fast as I do?

A: The system was designed with speed in mind using efficient design, many page caching techniques and performance monitoring tools to ensure your users see fast page load times.

Q: When we grow or our business changes, can I add or subtract users at any time?

A: Yes, your monthly invoice will reflect any changes made to staff within the month. Pay for only what you use, when you use it, subject to company minimum fee. Changes within the month will be pro-rated to reflect new and subtracted users.

Q: What results can you share?

A: Our founder and current president Ben Gripka has been developing industry-specific procurement software since 2001. You'll find success stories HERE, including our most recent deployment in the hospitality procurement industry where Sigma Sourcing is 100 percent focused on serving today.